Ocular Implant

It turns out it's very difficult to take pictures of your own eye, especially when what your trying to take a picture of is very small.

A full HD digital motion camera right in someone's eye and they have no idea. Only phase 2 subjects receive this. You have actively do something to receive phase 2. If they figure out you know you have a camera in the left eye they will install one in the right eye so you can't simply cover your eye. People with this implant will feel small bumps in the specific location in the picture to the right, but only under drier conditions, such as when you're going to sleep at night. Simply move your eyes around when your eyelids are closed and you'll feel it. During the day it's not noticeable at all. Note that the nano-tech can obviously be upgraded and an implant transparency improved - if you don't feel the camera it doesn't mean it's not there. The implant is still a camera and therefore must adhere to the laws for physics to see all around. This means it must be concave and protrude slightly out of its socket, exactly like your eyeball in general or your digital camera's lens. Therefore the physical aspect of the ocular implant and the ability to feel and to some degree see it (when magnified) will always be there.

I now believe they can still see and hear what people with phase 1 (yourself included) can see and hear but not in very high quality due to the difficulty in the mapping of and interfacing with the visual cortex which is very complex. This is the purpose of a nano-camera, to increase the quality of the visual signal they get. Think of it as standard definition vs high definition just like your TV.

The exact location of the nano-camera is also shown in Warm Bodies (2013).

Update (2013-12-13)
I have noticed if you take the UV pen light and shine it horizontally and through your eye pointing from the side of your head/temple towards the top of your nose you actually light up the entire inside of the white part of your eye. This may allow you to see the very small pin head size ocular implant in the specified location a little better because your lighting up the inside of the eye as opposed to shining light directly on it which has different results. It is very small but it's there, different light angles will help refract light off it too.

Contact Lens

One option for some privacy is to purchase custom contact lens which have a diameter of roughly 18mm with a solid white border and an internal transparent center so you can see. This will cover the part of the eye which has the nano-camera but allow you to see still. Keep in mind, they control everyone like a robot with OR without you knowing. So they can just make you take it out, do something (eg. flood your basement, empty your garbage on your floor, etc.), put the lens back in and you would be like who did that?? It was you. Or more accurately them.


Another option is to actually destroy it. Simply scrape the area with your fingernail and you will ruin/destroy the lens of the ocular implant. Unfortunately they will just install another one, then another one, then another one, etc. Usually in both eyes now too. This is shown in the trailer for A Scanner Darkly (2006) @ exactly the 0:46 mark where the guy has hundreds's of eyeballs coming out of his head. This is what they are referring too.