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Real Mind Control Examples (Direct-to-Speech)

Due to the size of nano-technology and passive nature of the BioAPI, it is extremely difficult to demonstrate or prove anything. This concept of Direct-to-Speech is one of the few things that can be referenced to demonstrate how an incoming signal can instruct your BioAPI's nano-implants to interrupt your normal speech, essentially cutting off the vocal speech pattern from your brain/thought pattern, and inserting in real time a new vocal speech pattern; whether the new pattern being transmitted is coherent speech or gibberish as shown in these videos.

In this foreign example to the right you can see how she is aware the words she is speaking are incoherent or incorrect, but simply cannot correct herself as she talks. She clearly struggles to speak properly but fails repeatedly, putting her hand to her throat at one point as if it's a physical problem with the larynx or something. Note, it could actually be a physical problem (contraction of the larynx) as opposed to mind control for this example, either way it is still a direct result of a handler intentionally forcing it on her using the nano-implants and BioAPI in general.

Thinking for groups of people in aggregate is shown in this Conan O'brien clip on Youtube which is statistically impossible, hence his comment at the end (@ 2:32) 'scarey...'.

In this example the speaker is not speaking gibberish at all. The words are clear and concise; but obviously also mixed up in random order. Again, the speaker knows what he is saying is wrong, backwards and incorrect, and therefore attempts to correct but can't.

The BioAPI is powerful, and can force (or suggest) anyone to say or do anything against or with their will. You, you, can be mind controlled on demand right now to do almost anything.

The reporter here shows the exact same reaction to what is happening when she speaks as others do. Clearly surprised she is saying what she is saying, when the words she intends to speak are not what comes out of her mouth. She knows she is saying one word, but gibberish clearly comes out. Again, she tries to repeat and correct but can't, realizing something is wrong but has no idea what, she closes the broadcast quickly.

In all examples the speaker's are acting as if they are clearly speaking the words as intended, but as they speak they hear gibberish and can't comprehend why as they try to compensate and continue. This reflects a hi-jacking if you will of the speech center of the brain which is why the term Direct-to-Speech seems accurate.

Again, very similar to the other reporters.

In all examples, all reporters are demonstrating the same signs - shocked that there is a disconnect between what they are trying to say and what words/sounds are coming out of their mouth. With phase 1 everyone must be conscious of what is happening, so they continually try to correct the speech problem but cannot. And all reporters appear completely healthy otherwise.

Bruce Almighty (2003)

[Update - 2012-04-20] I missed this clip before, I feel like a fool. Someone had to bring this to my attention. Thank you.

Watch the above four clips. The reporters can't talk properly as clearly shown. I'm sure there are more real life clips out there but those are the ones I found. Now, if they show you in the movies everything they are doing, does this Bruce Almighty clip (specifically @ 1:40 on) look familiar to you? Steve Carell at the end even act's like he has no idea why it's happening, because it's true, people have no idea the thoughts they are having may not be their own.

I think it, you do it.

Black Limousine (2010)

For a clear example on how they are using direct-to-speech (specifically talking gibberish) or to a greater extent the BioAPI in general to warp the reality of people see this Black Limousine (2010) clip and description which explains everything.

Apparently on a broadcast of the Judge Judy show she was talking gibberish too. I searched hard but the clip was completely pulled from YouTube and the entire internet. What you see to the right is a TMZ report of the incident, it's weak but that's the best I can do.

What I believe happened with Judge Judy is that she was made to speak gibberish in an effort to embrace and extend the problem it's called, because she came out afterwards talking about health problems, and having to go to the hospital. This makes people believe that when people do this it must be health related. It is not.

This clip in my opinion is real world a demonstration of how people are actually controlled via suggestion while they are conscious they are doing it. Pushing thoughts makes it possible to insert in real time a handler's idea into the cerebral cortex of the targeted individual. That then manifests as the targeted individual's own though and is then acted out accordingly. You simply do what you think you want to do, but the thought is not yours. This is clearly demonstrated in the movie The Adjustment Bureau (2011), when Matt Damon walks into the board room (about 22 minutes into the movie) and sees people just standing there like statues, this is the equivalent of that scene but in real life.

So in this clip the reporter knows she's on live national TV, CNN even, she even acknowledges it by saying 'I was in a trance'. Why would she do this? Why? Understand, this is real. She's being mind controlled to do this as a demonstration to people who know what is happening.

This is the most amazing and difficult part to grasp and accept concerning the BioAPI. It seems to unreal. I refer to it as Suggest-to-Subconscious, which is a subset of Paralleling. Paralleling is a more complete control of an individual where Suggest-to-Subconscious is more like talking directly to the subject's dorsolateral prefrontal cortex where decisions on what actions someone wants to take may be made. Note this is how so called gangstalking or organized stalking works - the stalker does not know they are acting differently around a given targeted individual.

The clip from Hanna below also shows this, albeit not very convincingly.


Within the movies they repeatedly demonstrate how they are accomplishing things. They don't necessarily show the scientific details, but more accurately provide like a double meaning of something in action. The movie Hanna (2011) is a good example and the only example that can bring any clarity to this. Unfortunately the double meaning (the audience will assume the woman talking to the girl has an earpiece on) will loose most people, but nonetheless this clip shows what can happen in real life for all people - everyone with phase 1 and phase 2 which is the entire planet.

Suggesting something to someone's subconscious is also demonstrated in Metropia (2009), and Ultrasonic (2012) in the nice dog scene and clearly told to you in Earthkiller (2011).

Ultimately a subject (for example yourself, right now) may have no idea the thought they just had actually was not their thought at all. This concept is the basis for what has become known as gangstalking where the public at large (including friends and family at times) is perceived to be stalking and harassing someone (now known as a targeted individual).

Paralleling (Mind Control)

A while back there was this incident in the UK where two Swedish women ran into traffic trying to kill themselves. At first glance the average fool must think they must be crazy. A smarter person asks why, an even smarter person asks how.

What is being demonstrated here to everyone intentionally is Paralleling (or at least a subject's memory is suspended and then subsequently mind controlled at will). This is the process where a handler has complete remote control over someone's body, whether they are conscious of it (phase 1) or not (phase 2 optional). This clip (getting people to kill themselves) is the equivalent of the movie The Happening (2008), and to a lesser extent Surrogates (2009). Everything they are doing with the BioAPI is shown to you in the movies in multiple ways, and then proven and shown in real life for all to see. So this is a real life demonstration.

In summary, this is obviously not normal. For one women to randomly run out and try to kill herself is one thing, two of them at the same time? There is something else happening here. And if they were on drugs they would not have the dexterity demonstrated. Also notice it was on the prime time news, there was a documentary, etc. - all to hide what happened in plain sight for all too see. That's how it works.

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